Banyan Catering

For all your catering needs, specializing in authentic Indian and local cuisines, Banyan Catering will tickle any taste bud. In addition to food, we offer full service event management (food, bar, décor, music, photography etc.) We are known for our famous chicken and vegetable samosas which we supply to food outlets across town. General Manager: Simone Banhan Grant

Yeaah Dawg

Taking a bite out of the hot dog market, the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Sheldon Whyte and Stephen Reid, Yeaah Dawg is promising an elevated hot-dog experience. Available with pork or chicken sausages, toppings include Pineapple Inferno, which comes with savoury pineapple chunks in a pineapple and ginger sauce, and their bestseller, Plantain Paradise, which features sweet, ripe plantains in a mango chutney sauce. Also on the menu are Irie Vibes, a spicy, flavourful twist to traditionally made salsa, and Lick Shot, a honey-jerked barbeque sauce with chicken bites.

Jabba’s Peppa Swims

Indulging in a pleasurable moment of purely seafood delight has now become easier. The shrimp comes already packaged, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices and simmered under fire to seep in flavour after flavour after flavour. All you need to do is just add a little heat to warm up the pre-cooked slender bodied crustaceans. And you can intensify the experience by adding sensational sides that will make the moment even more incredible.

Lyming at Walkerswood

Located in the garden parish of Saint Ann, Lyming at Walkerswood serves up mouthwatering local dishes in a relaxed and scenic atmosphere. Known for Jerk products, the restaurant offers pork, chicken, fish, sausage, popular side dishes and the best local curried goat and Mannish water available on the island. Lyming also cooks other favourite side dishes such as festivals, roast breadfruit, roast sweet potato, roast and boiled corn to go along with meals.

Sip ‘n’ Go Juice Bar

Sip and Go is giving a new look to fast food with their soulful smoothies and fresh menu. Sip and Go has established itself as more than a smoothie stop, but you can expect to go there for a healthy meal. Wraps, sandwiches and salads are available for all to enjoy.

Soup King

Jamaicans are known for quite a few traditions when it comes to food. Bun and cheese at Easter, mannish water (goat head soup) for nine night, rice and peas for Sunday dinner, and Saturday is soup day.

According to Adrian Wilson, manager of Soup King, “growing up it was the norm to get soup for dinner on a Saturday. It is just a part of our culture and the idea for our business came about partly because of this.”

Mama’s Pasta & Grill

The Pasta Catering Company for all catered events book us.We cater to: birthdays, parties, events, corporate events, dinners.

Mama’s Pasta and Grill. “Bringing People Together”.


Super’s Spicy Doubles

Trini food right here in Jamaica!! Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, anytime in between; savoury, sweet, vegan, meat, fish, we’ve got your food cravings covered. We’re in the Liguanea Business Centre at 144-146 Old Hope Road across from the US Embassy.

Mark Chong’s Custom Catering

Mark Chong’s Catering is premier catering company serving clients across the island of Jamaica. We offer custom catering for all our clients’ needs and also offer packages for easy ordering.
We offer full event management services which include:
– Finger Food
– Local and International Cuisines
– Bar Services
– Event Furniture Rentals
– Flatware, Glassware and China
– Lighting and Décor

Gustazos Jamaica is an online website with stores in mainly Spanish speaking countries such as: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain and now Jamaica! Gustazos collaborates with business and services that offer Products and Services at a significantly reduced price of a whopping 90% off.

Tooksie Kay Catering

If you’ve ever been seated at one of Alexa Von Strolley’s Dinner Series, you would immediately understand her obsession with perfection. It’s a healthy obsession with perfection. It’s a healthy obsession however; one that is rooted in a desire to achieve authenticity in food.

Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hut

There are many, many jerk centers in Jamaica. So what is so special about Murray’s? Taste, taste,taste! We offer real, authentic Jamaican dining AND we do takeout too.

Bella’s Vegan Eats

We strive to inspire people to implement and enjoy a healthier and cleaner eating lifestyle with plant-based foods.